How Bidding Works

  1. BIDDING - Buyers can place bids on certain items & collections within the Street Sole app. The buyer places the bid amount they are willing to pay and waits for it to be accepted by the seller. You can delete a bid or increase a bid at anytime prior to it being accepted to increase the chances of a seller accepting your bid. Please be sure to remove your bids if you are no longer interested in the product. To see your current bids login and go to your profile in the Street Sole app. Here you will see your active bids and sales. 
  2. PAYMENT - If the buyers bid is accepted the buyer will receive an email with a link to purchase the item within 24 hours of bid being accepted. Buyer can also complete purchase by clicking on the pay now button on product page within app. Our system will automatically change the bid button to pay now within app.
  3. FAILURE TO PAY - Failure of buyer to pay for the item within 24 hours will result in the cancellation of the transaction and buyer account being restricted from future bidding or account banned indefinitely.
  4. ONCE PAID - The seller will receive an email letting them know that the buyer has confirmed the purchase and to ship the items. 
  5. SELLERS - A seller can accept the highest bid they see if the seller has the same item, size, and condition as the listing in their possession. Sellers can accept a bid by signing in or creating an account in the Street Sole app. Sellers can accept bids by clicking the accept button on the product page next to the bid amount. Sellers will have up to 72 hours to ship the item to Street Sole once the buyer confirm email is sent to the seller. Failure to ship the items within 72 hours will result in your account being restricted from future selling and account being banned indefinitely. Sellers will be required to upload the tracking information in to the Street Sole app within 72 hours of receiving the buyer confirmed email.
  6. CHECK & AUTHENTICATION - We will check all items prior to shipping items to the buyer. In-store/Warehouse items will be checked for damage and sizing errors to make sure it matches purchase. Items accepted by 3rd party sellers and shipped to Street Sole will be fully authenticated and fully inspected prior to shipping to the buyer.
  7. INSPECTION & AUTHENTICATION PASS - We will notify the buyer that the item is currently in transit (it has been fully inspected & authenticated).
  8. INSPECTION FAILURE - Buyer will be notified and given 2 options.   Option 1: We Search For A Replacement Item. Option 2: We Provide The Buyer A Street Sole Refund. Please note: This only applies to Street Sole in-app bidding. Regular purchases are excluded from these terms and must follow our FAQ Page rules listed here: - Sellers - will be notified their items did not pass our inspection. Sellers - will also be restricted from all future bidding and selling on our platform and banned indefinitely for shipping Street Sole counterfeit items. Sellers - will be responsible to pay for the return of their items that do not pass verification and inspection. 
  9. SHIPPING - The item is shipped to the buyer and the buyer is provided with tracking information.
  10. SELLER PAYOUT - Seller will be notified that their item has passed verification & inspection and payout sent to sellers financial institution on file.