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    Street Bid

    Here you can bid on products available ONLY on this page. See RULES below.



    • You must create an account to participate.
    • We must verify your account to protect our customers.
    • Buyers must purchase items won or you will be banned from future bidding
    • Sellers cannot not sell items while auction is going on, if the buyer wins and you do not fulfill the order placed then you will be banned from listing in the future.
    • Once auction is won sellers must ship items to Street Sole for authentication.
    • Buyer has 48 hours to pay for item won.
    • Any items that are not as described will be sent back to you.You must provide us with shipping label.
    • We only accept 100% AUTHENTIC items. Any items that we verify as being counterfeit will result in a ban from using our site. 
    • Items not as described when received will result in a 20% fee to the seller.
    • Buyers creating multiple accounts to create fake bidding will result in a ban.
    • Sellers must provide valid photos of items - a minimum of 5 will be required (side shot, inside shoe, bottom, top, & box along with an accurate description of item.

      If you have any questions please email us at: auctions@streetsole.com

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