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    Kill The Hype LA, KTH, KillTheHype, KTHLA, KilllTheHype

    ATTN!!: There are some brands putting out fake hats. Ways to spot a fake, any HAT that does NOT say KILLLTHEHYPE on back is not official and it’s a fake (all official hats say killlthehype on the back). The Official brand can be purchased online here, in our store or direct from the brands page below. Other ways to spot a fake is no GOLD/SILVER OH2 branding or Skull MLB logo on sides of hat.

    Official Brand by KTHLA and the Upsidedown LA below

    kth-la.com (opens only a few times a year)

    Follow official Instagram page:  @kthla_

    Please Note: Some hats on www.streetsole.com have processing wait times as shown on item page, if there is no wait time displayed it will ship in 24-72 hours.

    Disputes and Chargebacks Filed: You will be banned permanently from ordering the brand on our site